Looking for something exciting and educational? Come join us for a fantastic experience in the theatre!

Our Goals:
To provide:

  • A wholesome environment with content that is safe and honoring for the whole family.
  • Small class sizes, which allows more direct attention for each student.
  • Professional guidance from experienced and qualified instructors.
  • Instruction that is tailored to challenge both beginners and those with advanced skills.
  • The opportunity to perform in a one-act production. By using multiple, shorter plays, each student is given a more significant role, instead of a select few who get main roles in a single play.

Our Philosophy:
To use the art of theatre to build character, confidence and creativity in the lives of students in the Colorado Springs area. ACT is designed to provide wholesome theatre experiences, skill building, and content to help students develop their character as well as their talent.

Our Curriculum:
During our classes and camps, students will explore many elements of theatre, including character development, movement, voice, audition and improvisational skills. These will be taught through direct instruction, theatre games and exercises, as well as rehearsing and then performing in the Semester Showcase at the end of the semester or camp week.

Our Core Values: 

  • Provide a wholesome environment that is safe for the actor to develop and the whole family to attend
  • Produce high quality, professional-level shows that display the excellence of theatre
  • Bring literature to life through main stage productions performed for local schools
  • Keep our productions affordable for schools and the community to attend
  • Cast vision for the power of the arts to educate, build character, and personally transform both the actors involved and the audience

ACT II, a sister company to ACT, produces two main stage productions a year: typically a drama in the fall and a musical in the spring. These are professional level productions with a full staff including a producer, director, set designer, costume designer and so forth.

ACT II strives to not only produce a high quality show, but to develop each actor in the process, hence the name ACADEMY of Community Theatre (ACT II).  Actors will grow in skill and talent, as they rehearse and perform.

Since ACT II is a non-profit organization, we enlist sponsors, big and small, for support!  If you, or a business you know, are interested in learning more about sponsoring ACT II, please CLICK HERE for more information.

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