Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II)

The Musical Adventures of
Flat Stanley Jr.

Producer: Lynn Hamilton
Director: Marci Nickelsburg
Choreographer: Elyse Jett-Clark
Vocal Director: Madison Falkenstine

Callback Materials

Vocal Group 1: Stanley, Authur, Mr. Lambchop, Mrs. Lambchop

Funny Sunny Side (Mr. & Mrs. Lambchop)

The Funny Sunny Side Sheet Music

Lambchop Lullaby (Mr. & Mrs. Lambchop)

Lambchop Lullaby Sheet Music

I Wish I Were (Reprise) (Stanley)

I Wish I Were (Reprise) Sheet Music

In A Tree (Stanley)

In A Tree Sheet Music

Authur’s Letter (Authur)

Arthur’s Letter Sheet Music

Vocal Group 2: Stanley, Mrs. Cartero

Travelin’ Through the Mail (Stanley, Mrs. Cartero)

Travelin’ Through the Mail Sheet Music

Vocal Group 3: Bulletlin Board, Hollywood Agent, Birds

Stanley’s Wish (Bulletin Board)

Stanley’s Wish Sheet Music

Talent (Hollywood Agent)

Talent Sheet Music

In A Tree (Lead Birds)

In A Tree Sheet Music

Vocal Group 4:

Meet the Lambchops

Meet the Lambchops Sheet Music

Travelin’ Through the Mail – Finale