Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II)

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Director: Lynn Hamilton

Choreographer: Elyse Jett-Clark
Fight Directors: Kirk Chaves & Jeremiah Chaves

Callback List

CALLBACK LIST  (In Alphabetical Order by FIRST Name)

Please look over the list carefully as some actors are called back for more than one role.  Unless you declined a sword-fighting role on your audition form, those who are not cast in a speaking role will be considered for Aslan’s Army or the Witch’s Army. (These are sword fighting roles.) If you have decided not to accept a sword-fighting role IF you are not cast in a speaking role, please let us know in ADVANCE of your callback.


  • Charlie Boehlke
  • Kirk Chaves

White Witch:

  • Bree Mielke
  • Sarah Hirlenan
  • Madison Scott


  • Bryce Mielke
  • Nathan Woolley


  • Bailey Brusuelas
  • Elayna Bowe
  • Gloria Bringe
  • Madison Scott
  • Rowan Van de Mark


  • Ben Jensen
  • Caleb Swainson
  • Roman Buerer


  • Grace Gillespie
  • Haley Ballard
  • Lili Kurtz

Fenris Ulf:

  • Jeremiah Chaves
  • Hayden Gullion


  • Caleb Swainson
  • Olivia Newman
  • Noah Orr

Mr. Beaver:

  • Bryce Mielke
  • Charlie Boehlke
  • Nathan Woolley

Mrs. Beaver:

  • Stephanie Mielke
  • Kelly Kramer
  • Elayna Bowe
  • Madison Scott
  • Olivia Newman

Mr. Tumnus:

  • Noah Whetstine (Not at callbacks)
  • Nathan Woolley


  • Hayden Gullion
  • Jackson Edwards
  • Dominic Piro


  • Aspen Haase
  • Haven Sherman

Father Christmas:

  • Charlie Boehlke
  • Kirk Chaves


  • Clara Amerine
  • Ezra Rogers
  • Grace Gillespie
  • Haley Ballard
  • Lili Kutz
  • Samuel Woolley

Sword Fighters: 

  • Addison Tanton
  • Adelle Rassmussen
  • Alana Powell
  • Amelia Bailey
  • Eleanor Wingert
  • Elena Hebsen
  • Elena Herzinger
  • Isaiah Orr
  • Kaci Livingston
  • Katelyn Cherkinsky
  • Lizzy Newby
  • Zach Converse

Callback Schedule


Callbacks are a very important part of the audition process.  Though we do our best to stay within our schedule, we appreciate your patience if one group or another runs overtime in order for us to make the best decisions possible.

Wednesday, August 4

  • 4:00-5:30: Aslan, White Witch, Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy
  • 5:30-7:00 Mr. Tumnus, Lucy, Fenris Ulf, Edmund, White Witch, Dwarf
  • 7:00-8:00: Mr. Beaver, Mrs. Beaver, Centaur, Unicorn, Father Christmas, Elf

Thursday, August 5

  • 5:30-6:30 Sword Fighters

Callback Materials

Congratulations on being called back for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!  

ALONG WITH with the original material posted for the initial audition, please be familiar with the scenes for the role(s) for which you’re being called back.  You do NOT need to memorize these scenes, but please be familiar with them.

Witch, Ulf, Dwarf, Edmund

White Witch Monologue

Witch, Aslan, Peter, Mrs. Beaver, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, Dwarf

Aslan, Susan, Lucy 2

Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, Mr. & Mrs. Beaver