Summer Camps

COVID-19 Safety Measures
Updated 05/26/2020

With health on all of our minds, here are some safety measures that we will have in place for our summer camps. We want you to be confident in our environment so that your students can continue to learn and grow!
  • We will follow guidelines from the Governor to the best of our ability and will update our safety measures as things change.  We are currently in the “Safer-at-Home” phase, so our safety measures are based on the current recommendations.  If these become stricter or more relaxed, we will make adjustments accordingly.
  • Class sizes will not exceed 10 campers with one teacher and one TA. 
  • Each camp will have its own studio with a private bathroom, and we have multiple exterior doors so that we can utilize multiple entrances.
  • We will greet the students at their cars for drop off and bring them to your vehicle in the carpool line. You will receive an e-mail the week before your camp with more details. 
  • Family members will not be permitted in the lobby, the studio room, or to use the restrooms.
  • We will keep our studios clean and disinfected and allow fresh air ventilation as appropriate.
  • We will schedule regular hand washing times and will have hand sanitizer available.
  • We will follow the recommended social distancing guidelines, whenever possible.  We will make every attempt to physical distance of 6 feet, but it may not always be possible while the students are with ACT. 
  • Students are encouraged to wear masks, whenever possible. 
  • Teachers will wear masks or face coverings, except during snack, lunch and water breaks. 
  • Choreography will have proper spacing and will not include physical touching.
  • We will use props and sets sparingly. Any props that are used will be assigned to only 1 student.  It will not be shared and it will be disinfected each day.
  • Performances will be held in the studio and live-streamed for family and friends to watch. The shows will be staggered so families with siblings can watch each performance back-to-back. We are also exploring alternative outdoor options. 
The Governor has asked businesses to create safe environments for their customers, so we are striving to do that . . . and more!
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