Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II)

Our mission: To develop the actor and serve the community
through wholesome, educational, high-quality theatre

The Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II) is a non-profit theatre designed to bring literature to life through the magic of theatre with wholesome, educational, high-quality productions for local schools and the community. We also provide young actors with a safe environment where they can grow in their character and talent.

All of our plays are based upon literature so that the school children can read the book and learn from it at school, then attend our show and watch the book come alive on stage.  This season we are presenting A Christmas Carol (November 14-16, 2019) and The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley Jr. (April 2-4, 2020).  School children and families attending our shows laugh and cheer as they are immersed in the story. 

Over 6000 students attend our shows each year. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of theatre, but children from low-income schools rarely get this opportunity. However, with community financial support, we can make it happen! Your support helps us to subsidize ticket prices so that all schools, including low-income schools, can enjoy this life-changing art.

ACT II Core Values: 

  • Provide a wholesome environment that is safe for the actor to develop 
  • Produce high quality, professional-level shows that display the excellence of theatre
  • Bring literature to life through main stage productions performed for local schools and the community
  • Keep our productions affordable for schools and the community to attend
  • Create a vision for the power of the arts to educate, build character, and personally transform both the actors involved and the audience

Many students from Title 1 (low-income) schools have NEVER seen a live theatre performance until they attend our show. For some, this may be their only opportunity! 


ACT II is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible.  Our tax ID is 46-1445662.

Any amount is greatly appreciated!

  • A $70 donation covers ten Title 1 students to attend our next show
  • A $250 donation covers an entire Title 1 classroom to attend our next show
  • A $650 donation covers an entire Title 1 grade to attend our next show

Your donations: 

  • Keep our productions affordable for local schools and the community
  • Make scholarships available for students in need
  • Provide financially for Title 1 (low-income) schools to attend our shows
  • Allow us to provide a special performance for children with cancer

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