ACT's Summer Show

SUMMER SHOW: Auditions

Youth Edition

Auditions open to students 12-18 years old

Director: Madison Falkenstine
Choreographer: Shayla Mellen

Auditions: Friday, April 1st & Saturday, April 2nd (By appointment)
Audition Call Backs:  Sunday, April 3rd, from 4:00-8:30 pm
Performances: July 15, 16 & 17




Auditions: Friday, April 1st and Saturday, April 2nd* (By Appointment Only)
*If you are unable to attend the audition date listed, please contact us at 

Location: 481 Windchime Place 

Casting Eligibility: Anyone from 12-18 years old may audition 

Tuition: There is no fee to audition.  IF cast, tuition will be charged. (See section on tuition for further details.)


Curly McClain (Baritone)- He is a handsome, strong, rough-hewn, clever cowhand in love with Laurey, but refuses to admit it.

Aunt Eller (Mezzo-Soprano)- She is rough with a fair heart that makes her a leader in the community. Good values and a sense of humor. She raises Laurey as her own.

Laurey Williams (Soprano)- She is spunky and smart with an air of innocence about her. She lives with her Aunt Eller on a farm and is in love with Curly, though she may not admit it.

Will Parker (Tenor)- A cowboy that is smitten with Ado Annie. He has bright comic appeal.

Jud Fry (Baritone)- Jud is a farmhand on Aunt Eller’s and Laurey’s farm. He does not fit into society well. He has some dark secrets and is feared and treated as an outsider by some. He has feelings for Laurey and will do anything to get her.

Ado Annie Carnes (Mezzo-Soprano)- A comic romantic lead, she is wooed by Ali Hakim, but she also has feelings for Will Parker

Alie Hakim, The Peddler-Traveling peddler who says he’s from Persia. Though we aren’t sure how much of what he says we can believe. He, like Jud, is an outsider to this community but not feared by most. 

Gertie Cummings- Gertie is an obnoxious loud-mouth girl with a “unique” laugh. She has eyes for Curly making Laurey jealous.

Andrew Carnes- He is the overprotective father of Ado Annie; he thinks Will Parker is “no good” and defends the honor of his daughter with his ever-present shotgun.

Cord Elam- He is the Federal Marshall in town

Ike-He is the owner of the ranch where the box social is held.

Dance Curly, Male, Dancer- He must be able to dance ballet and should resemble Curly in Laurey’s dream ballet. May be doubled as another character or in the ensemble.

Dance Laurey, Female, Dancer- She must be able to dance ballet and should resemble the actress playing Laurey. May be doubled as another character or in the ensemble.

Featured Female Characters/Soloists: Ellen, Kate, Virginia, Vivian, June

Featured Male Characters/Soloists: Slim, Mike Joe, Fred 

Ensemble: Rodeo Folk, Cowboys, Farmers, Featured Ballet Dancers


  1. Schedule your audition time.

    Auditions: April 1st & 2nd * (By Appointment)
    *If you are unable to attend the audition date, please contact us at

    Once your audition has been scheduled you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do NOT receive a confirmation e-mail from Sign Up Genius, please contact us at to confirm we received your audition time.     

  2. Complete audition form 
    Audition Form
  3. Fill out consent form.
    Parental Consent Form
  4. Initial Audition (5 minutes)

    Please prepare one selection from the audition materials listed in the tab below.
    In addition, please prepare a one-minute comedic monologue that showcases your acting abilities.

  5. Bring a RECENT headshot and resume to your audition.

  6. By the evening of April 2nd, you will receive an email letting you know if you are being called back for a second audition or not. (If you are not called back, you are not in the running to be cast.)

  7. Callbacks will be held on April 3 from 3:30-8:30 pm (All those who are called back will be called for the entire time)

  8.  The show will be cast by April 4.  All performers who are called back will receive an email announcing if they were cast or not.

  9.  If cast, you will need to register your student online and pay the deposit or payment in full by April 7th.
  10.  There will be a cast and parent meeting on Wednesday, June 1 at 4:00 PM in the studio before the start of the first rehearsal. 

Pick one of the following audition selections and memorize it.

I Cain’t Say No Vocal Track

I Cain’t Say No Instrumental  Track

I Cain’t Say No! Sheet Music

Oklahoma Vocal Track

Oklahoma Instrumental Track

Oklahoma Sheet Music

The Farmer and the Cowman Vocal Track

The Farmer and the Cowman Instrumental Track

The Farmer and the Cowman Sheet Music

Out of My Dreams Vocal Track

Out of My Dreams Instrumental

Out of My Dreams Sheet Music

People Will Say We’re in Love Vocal Track

People Will Say We’re in Love Instrumental Track

People Will Say We’re in Love Sheet Music

The Surrey with the Fringe on Top Vocal Track

The Surrey with the Fringe on Top Instrumental

Surrey with the Fringe on the Top Sheet Music


Tuition:  $395 (If paid in full by April 7th.)

Tuition Payment Option: 

  • $125 Non-refundable deposit due by April 7
  • $100 due on May 1
  • $100 due on June 1
  • $100 due on July 1

Those who opt for the payment plan will automatically have their debit or credit card charged on the above due dates.

What is included in the tuition:  

  • Training during scheduled rehearsals
  • All performances
  • Use of Script (The scripts are rented, so they will need to be returned at the end of the show.)

What is not included in the tuition:

  • Tickets to the performances
  • Oklahoma! T-shirts (Optional)
  • Shoes (Actor will provide his/her own shoes that fit the character.) 
  • Costume (Students are responsible for their own costumes, however, ACT may be able to provide certain pieces of the costumes depending on availability.) 
  • Stage make-up  

Tuition Discounts

Active Military Discount*
Students who have an active military parent qualify for a 10% discount off of the Summer Show tuition. 

Multi-Camp Discount*
Those who are in the cast are eligible for a 10% discount off any additional ACT summer camps. 

Sibling Discount*
We offer a 10% discount for each additional sibling who is cast in the Summer Show or enrolls in a summer camp. 

*Students may use only one discount per summer show or any additional camps, and discounts will be applied to the equal or lesser value event.

Rehearsals & Performances

Please note that all performers will be scheduled for every rehearsal.  

First Meeting (Cast & Parents)

    • Wednesday, June 1st: 4:00-4:45 PM
      • We will have a meeting with the cast and parents on June 1 from 4:00-4:45. We will begin rehearsal once the meeting is over. 

In-Studio Rehearsals (ACT Studios, 481 Windchime Place)

    • Every Monday and Wednesday from 4:00 PM-8:00 PM beginning June 1 through July 7 (We understand that families may plan vacations during this time, so 2 excused absences will be permitted if notified in advance)

On-Stage Rehearsals (Sand Creek High School, 7005 Carefree Cir N, Colorado Springs, CO 80922)

    • Monday, July 11-Thursday, July 14 from 4:00 PM- 8:00 PM


There are 3 performances.
Call time will be 2 hours before your show. 

    • Friday, July 15: 6:00 PM 
    • Saturday, July 16: 6:00 PM
    • Sunday, July 17: 3:00 PM