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Academy of Children's Theatre (ACT)

The Academy of Children’s Theatre (ACT) was launched in 2005 with the goal of creating a wholesome environment where students could develop their talent, have fun learning, and be given an opportunity to shine on stage. The owner, Lynn Hamilton, has her degree in Theatre Arts and almost 40 years of acting, teaching, and directing experience. Though she will always love acting, teaching and directing have captured her heart as she trains and develops this next generation. 

Our Philosophy

To use the art of theatre to build character, confidence, and creativity in the lives of students in the Colorado Springs area. ACT provides wholesome theatre experiences, skill-building, and content to help students develop their character, as well as their talent.

Our Curriculum

During our classes and camps, students explore many elements of theatre, including character development, improvisation skills, script analysis, and so much more. These are taught through direct instruction, theatre games and exercises, and through the rehearsal process. The skills that the students learn throughout the class or camp come to fruition in their on stage Showcase performance for family and friends to enjoy.

We Provide:

A wholesome environment with safe and honoring content for the whole family.


Small class sizes allow more direct attention for each student.


Professional guidance from experienced and qualified instructors.


Instruction that is tailored to challenge both beginners and those with advanced skills.


The opportunity to perform in a one-act production.
Using multiple, shorter plays gives each student a more significant role than a select few who get main roles in a single play.


The Academy of Children’s Theatre (ACT)
studio and offices are located at:

Studio Phone: 719-331-2434

Director Phone: 719-282-9101

Email: director@ACTcolorado.net

481 Windchime Place

Colorado Springs, CO 80919

2023 Best of the Springs Awards

Gold Award

Best After School Program
Best Play (Tuck Everlasting – TYA)

Silver Award

Best Theatre Company (ACT & ACT II)
Best Actress: Olivia Newman (Seussical Jr.)

Bronze Award

Best Non-Profit Arts Group (ACT II)
Best Musical (Seussical Jr.)

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