The Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II)

"To serve the young actor, the local schools, and the community with wholesome, educational, and high-quality theatre."

The Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II) is a non-profit theatre that brings literature to life through the magic of theatre with wholesome, educational, high-quality productions for the local schools and the community. ACT II provides young actors with a safe environment where they can grow in their character and talent.

ACT II Presents: Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Once upon a time in a faraway land, an enchantress turns a cruel, unfeeling prince into a hideous beast. To break the spell, the beast must learn to love another and earn her love in return before the last petal falls from an enchanted rose.

Join the cast of the award-winning company, the Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II), as they present Beauty and the Beast Jr. at the beautiful Ent Center for the Arts. 

This timeless musical is great for the whole family, so get your tickets today!

Coming to the
Ent Center for the Arts 
April 18-23, 2024

ACTII: Bringing Literature to Life

All of our plays are based upon literature so that the school children can read the book and learn from it at school, then attend our show and watch the book come alive on stage. Schoolchildren and families attending our shows laugh and cheer as they are immersed in the story. 

Watch this short video to learn more about ACT II and our outreaches to Title 1 schools and families with children facing cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.  Join us in blessing many in Colorado Springs!


Provide an environment that is safe for the actor to develop.

Produce high-quality, professional-level shows that display the excellence of theatre.

Bring literature to life through main-stage productions performed for local schools and the community.

Keep our productions affordable for schools and the community to attend.

Create a vision for the power of the arts to educate, build character, and personally transform both the actors involved and the audience.

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481 Windchime Place

Colorado Springs, CO 80919


Phone: 719-331-2434




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