Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II)

To develop the actor and serve the community
through wholesome, educational, high-quality theatre

The Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II) is a non-profit theatre designed to bring wholesome, educational, high-quality theatre to the local schools and the community.  We not only invest in the actors in the show, but we also serve those who attend the show.

All of our plays are based upon literature so that the school children can read the book and learn from it at school, then attend our show and watch the book come alive on stage.  We just finished our production of The Legend of Robin Hood (October 2018) and our next show will be Willy Wonka (April 2019).  Between 3000-4000 students attend our shows each season.  However, there are some schools in town who can’t afford to attend our shows since they are low-income schools (Title 1 Schools).  We strive to reduce the fee that they pay and in some cases cover the ticket price completely.

This year, we are raising donations to cover both the 2nd and 3rd graders from one of these schools to attend Willy Wonka at no cost to them!  Also, when we learned that the school couldn’t afford to buy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory books for their students to read before attending Willy Wonka, we were able to secure 75 books for them!

We also perform a closed show (not open to the public) for a group that serves children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.  Those families aren’t able to be around large groups of people, so we serve them with their own showing.

Lastly, we serve the community by bringing a high-quality show at an affordable price so that families can enjoy the theatre together without breaking the bank.

ACT II Core Values: 

  • Provide a wholesome environment that is safe for the actor to develop and the whole family to attend
  • Produce high quality, professional-level shows that display the excellence of theatre
  • Bring literature to life through main stage productions performed for local schools
  • Keep our productions affordable for schools and the community to attend
  • Create a vision for the power of the arts to educate, build character, and personally transform both the actors involved and the audience

Many students from Title 1 (low-income) schools have NEVER seen a live theatre performance until they attend our show? For some, this may be their only opportunity! 


The Give! Campaign is a year-end, philanthropic initiative created to encourage everyone in the Pikes Peak Region to give back and get involved with local nonprofits. This year ACT II was chosen to participate in the Give! Campaign which runs from November 1-December 31, 2018. 
You can give to ACT II through their website at Donations of ANY size would be so appreciated and 100% of your donation made towards ACT II will come to us!  Also, we have matching grants, so your gift will be DOUBLED!
I invite you to take a moment to visit the Give! website and make a donation to help us continue to serve the actors, the schools, and the community with wholesome, educational, high-quality theatre!


Casting for these productions are by audition only. Audition requirements will vary from show to show, including the ages invited to audition.  Some productions require youth and adult actors.  Other productions will be open to only for students under 18.  All audition information will be posted online when available. Auditions for Willy  Wonka are available from November 15-December 1.  All details about the audition, and to reserve an audition time, click here

To be informed when future auditions are posted, please join our email list by clicking here.

Since ACT II is a non-profit organization, we enlist sponsors, big and small, for support!  If you, or a business you know, are interested in learning more about purchasing an ad for the next production or sponsoring a show, please email us at

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