Winter Classes

Semester Showcase
Dress Rehearsal & Show Schedule

Each class is in ONE dress rehearsal and show. You will notice that there may be several classes that look the same, so please check carefully!

Please find the ONE that includes your student’s:

  • Correct grade range
  • Correct teacher
  • Correct day & time of the weekly class

PLEASE NOTE: The dress rehearsal and show are often NOT on the same day of the week as your weekly class.

In order to follow the safety guidelines, we will be doing things differently than we have in the past. In previous years, each class had a dress rehearsal on one day and then returned the following week to perform in a showcase with 3-4 classes performing back-to-back.

In order to keep our audience small and to keep each class separate from the others, classes will have their own dress rehearsal followed immediately by their performance.

This scheduled time of dress rehearsal AND performance will take the place of the last 2 sessions of the semester in May.
The amount of stage time is the same, but we are providing the two events on one day, instead of dividing them up over two weeks.


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