Matilda Jr. - Audition Process

ACT Summer Show: Matilda Jr.

The Audition Process

The Audition Process:

  1. Schedule Your Audition Time. If you are unable to make any of the days/times listed, please contact us at
  2. Complete the Audition Form and PRINT IT OUT.
  3. Fill out the Parental Consent Form and PRINT IT OUT.
  4. Bring your resume, a recent photo, your printed audition form, and your printed parental consent form to your audition.
  5. You will receive an email announcing if you are being called back for a second audition or not.
  6. The show will be cast by April 9 via email.  All who were called back will receive an email announcing if they were cast or not.   
  7. Cast & Parent Meeting: May 23, from 5:00-7:00 PM.
  8. Rehearsals Begin: May 27 at 4:30 PM
Schedule Your Audition Time
Everyone will need to sign up for a 10-minute audition time.  Three students will be scheduled for each 10-minute time slot. (Audition Materials are found in the Casting Information & Audition Materials page.)
Complete the Audition Form
Please complete the Student Audition Form, PRINT IT OUT, and bring it with you to the audition!
Complete the Parental Consent Form
Please have your parent complete the Parental Consent form, PRINT IT OUT, and bring it with you to the audition 
Your Audition
Please bring a resume, a recent photo of you, your printed audition form, and the printed parental consent form to your audition. For your acting/vocal audition, please be prepared with a 1 minute monologue (your own or one provided) and a selected music cut from the CASTING INFORMATION section.
The auditions are held at the ACT & ACT II Studios at 481 Windchime Place. We are in the lower level of the building.
Callbacks: April 7, starting at 1:00 PM
We will be calling back actors in groups depending upon the roles for which they are being considered, as well as a time for a dance audition. Those who are called back will be given a schedule for the day as well as additional music and acting scenes to prepare. 

Important Audition Information


Audition Dates: March 30 & April 2 (by appointment)
Callbacks: April 7

Audition Location: 481 Windchime Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 (Lower Level of the Windchime Center)

Tuition: There is no fee to audition. If cast, tuition will be charged. (See section on tuition for further details.)

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