Casting Information

ACT Summer Show: Matilda Jr.

Cast Roles & Audition Materials

Cast Roles

F – MATILDA WORMWOOD, Brilliant and Resilent, Matilda protects the ones that she loves and treats her with kindness. She loves to read. 

M – ERIC, A classmate of Matilda, timid and works well with others

M – TOMMY, A classmate of Matilda, one of the youngest in the class

F – AMANDA, A classmate of Matilda, sweet and ambitious 

M – BRUCE, One of the kids at school with Matilda. Nervous and timid but at times can show great confidence and does not back down from a challenge

F – LAVENDER, One of the kids at school with Matilda. She is kind and bright, is Matilda’s best friend

F – ALICE, A classmate of Matilda, strong and bold

F – HORTENSIA, A classmate of Matilda, feisty

M – NIGEL, One of the kids at school with Matilda. He is enthusiastic, sweet, and always in a bit of a panic

M – HARRY WORMWOOD, This is a non-singing role. He is Matilda’s father is an egotistical liar. He works as a mechanic and does whatever he can to sell a car. His antics make him hilarious.

 F – MRS. WOODWORM, This is a non-singing role. She is Matilda’s mother, she is selfish and obsessed with her appearance as well as a funny and interesting woman

M – MICHAEL, Matilda’s older brother who is not very bright but he is the apple of his fathers eye

F – MRS. PHELPS, This is a non-singing role. She is curious, funny, and kind librarian. 

M – ESCAPOLOGIST, A person of Matilda’s imagination as she depicts a story of him throughout the show

F – ACROBAT, A person of Matilda’s imagination as she depicts a story of her throughout the show

F – MISS HONEY, Teacher at Crunchem Hall, sweet and truly cares for the students

F – AGATHA TRUNCHBULL, Principal of Crunchem Hall, she is rude, despises children, and used to compete in the olympics

M – RUDOLPHO, Mrs. Wormwood’s dance partner/teacher

M – SERGEI, Russian leader who is tricked by Harry Wormwood 

M/F – ENSEMBLE OF OLDER STUDENTS, older students at school

M/F  ENSEMBLE OF YOUNGER STUDENTS, younger students at the school

Acting & Vocal Audition Materials


Please prepare a 1 minute monologue for your acting audition.

We’d prefer that you find and choose your own monologue but if you’d like, you are welcome to select one from our list of options

Audition Monologue Options


Please prepare one of the following cuts of music from the show for your vocal audition. 

Not all roles have a specific song listed below. If the role you are most interested in is not listed below, please choose whichever song best suits your voice.  No matter what song you sing, you will be considered for all parts!


When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up – Sheet Music


Revolting Children

Revolting Children – Sheet Music


This Little Girl (Miss Honey)

This Little Girl – Sheet Music


The Hammer (Miss Trunchbull)

The Hammer – Sheet Music


School Song

School Song – Sheet Music


Important Audition Information


Audition Dates: March 30 & April 2 (by appointment)
Callbacks: April 7

Audition Location: 481 Windchime Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 (Lower Level of the Windchime Center)

Tuition: There is no fee to audition. If cast, tuition will be charged. (See section on tuition for further details.)